White Paper

Between June 26th and July 10th six artists from guest countries of the Women Football Worldcup will live in and redefine Augsburg through their fresh point of view. Their new interpretations they’ll publish on so called »White Papers«. With every of those papers Augsburg will be increasingly be defined by___. Every »White Paper« will be reproduced and displayed publicly on a »White Wall« within the city. On the project’s website – the »White Page« – the visitors will be able to view the analogue and digital »White Papers« and follow the work of the artists evolving.

White Room

The so called »White Room« in the inner city at the LEW building (Bahnhofstrasse on the corner to Scaezlerstrasse) represents the heart of the project. It serves as a lounge, a studio and a workstation for the artists. The »White Room« is also the project’s local display window to the public, where people can get in touch with the international creative minds and watch them work on their »White Paper«. Go there and see, how Augsburg is defined by___ them!


White Wall

The »White Wall« will be a plain wall at the Kulturstadion on the Rathausplatz in Augsburg. This plain wall will overgrew day by day with every new »White Papers«. All reproduced  »White Papers« will be displayed publicly and in bars and clubs within the city, too. So come and watch the progress of the defined by___ project on the »White Wall«.

White Page

This is where we are. It is the Weblog of the project defined by___