And the round of introductions continues…

(lab binaer) What do you think the people of Augsburg look like?
(Keiko) Hmm… I know at least three people in Augsburg from long time ago. They are amazingly great spirited people that I admire. I believe it would apply to so many others in the city. But ah…, “looks”?! Tall, lean, active, yet relaxed. And for this special occasion of the great international women’s soccer games, I bet they’ll be all ready sticking to their country team throughout the tournament & wearing something in the colors of their country.

(lab binaer) Is there a German food you absolutely want to try?
(Keiko) You know? All the German beers & sausages are hyped up in NYC where I live. But I don’t think any one of them are a good match with the actual things you have – in accordance with some German friends who tried them here. They are typically over-priced as well. So, I should put aside my ‘vegetarian-inclined’ self for the 10 days in Augsburg;) I’d love to try good Weisswurst and local biers. Of course, why not trying good Spätzle and smoked fish (I forgot how you call it?!)

(lab binaer) What do you think about the other artists taking part in »defined by___«?
(Keiko) I haven’t met with anyone yet and really looking forward to meeting with them, roaming town with them and daily exchange of lots of numerous small discoveries we would have in Augsburg! Hoping that we would develop long-lasting friendship and communications in the future.

(lab binaer) Are you afraid of all the »White Papers« that are waiting for you?
(Keiko) “White Papers” is the best format I always love! All the possibilities and chances of surprises are there. I’m nothing but excited to tackle on the open pages!

(lab binaer) Did you ever hear about Augsburg before?
(Keiko) Yes. I had a chance to visit the town when I was invited to perform as an artist in Munich. I was hosted and collaborated with people in Augsburg then. My stay was only a few days long ago, yet it still gives me warm & fuzzy feelings from the memory.

(lab binaer) Is there any German blog you are following?
(Keiko) There has been a couple of times I attempted to start learning German language but never be able to stick to it. I’m still having the desire to get back to it though. So, I can check cool blogs written in German! Of course, if there is any nice ones, I’d love to know anyways. There is always a way to get translation even though it may not be perfect. Actually, Germany has quite many people practicing “Kyudo” (Japanese traditional archery) – which I myself keep up practicing in NYC. So, let me know if there is anyone who’s running a blog related to Kyudo in Germany?

(lab binaer) Do you think about bringing something typical for your country to Augsburg (except yourself)?
(Keiko) “Pickled plums” (ume-boshi)! By placing one in the center of boiled white rice in a lunch box, it’d make a cute Japanese flag. It’s also known as a ‘poor man’s lunch’ in Japan;) But I think it’s a brilliant idea came from our old ancestors that the salty & tart small plum makes plain rice really tasty and preserve well. Similarly, a simple and small matter would become quite influential and effective in various matters in life. So, I’d like to introduce the peppy little thing to new friends in Augsburg!

See you very soon!