Hello from Asuncion (my Hometown)

Since I hardly know Augsburg (only information from Google) I’m afraid that I personally cannot say anything about the people, gastronomy, culture or the city itself. Nevertheless, I feel a great desire to visit this city, not least because these days in my opinion, the world which Columbus discovered for the Europeans, has become very small, through the virtual means accessible to each and every one of us and whereby all barriers have fallen and intellectual limits are eliminated.

For this reason the journey to Augsburg means for me that I have reached a point in my own reality which already exists. I am quite sure that at no time will I feel alone and that at the end of the work I shall have the feeling that I do not wish to leave this charming city. The other artists with whom I shall be working look very agreeable on their photographs and as I believe that the eye does not lie then I can only assume that they are not only attractive in appearance but also possess inner beauty. I feel already that I will get on well with all of them and that we will enjoy some pleasurable moments together. We are all young and I am convinced that we can all contribute to a better future of the world.

Germany after all is a country that everyone wants to visit, with its museums, its heritage, its pretty towns and everything else this amazing country offers to the world. I am therefore confident that I will have no problems at all in traveling around this country and discovering for myself all those things we have heard about. As for the food, ha ha, I really don’t think that I am coming here for the food, but I am looking forward to tasting everything put before me, with the exception of couscous and baked apples. I also know all about beer and so I think I am visiting the ideal country. I don’t know if I can bring anything with me apart from myself and my great hopes for being together with the others as part of the project, but whatever it is that is steering me towards Augsburg, I trust that I can provide the proof that “the world is a village” and the German city of Augsburg will immediately recognize this, without further explanations from me.

Ramón Esono Ebalé (JamónyQueso)