First artist pipes up

(lab binaer) What do you think the people of Augsburg look like?
(Sara) When I arrive I think the people of Augsburg will be wearing the German colors to support their soccer team. In addition to that they will wear sunglasses and beachwear cause I’m expecting bright skies and sunny weather. I hope many of the Augsburgers have beards because I love people with a good beard. The ladies do not have beards; they have painted their fingernails black, yellow and red.

(lab binaer) Is there a German food you absolutely want to try?
(Sara) In Sweden we’re quite influenced by the German cuisine but I really want to try all the different sausages you’re told to have. And maybe I will swallow it down with a cool German beer in the summer heat.

(lab binaer) What do you think about the other artists taking part in »defined by___«?
(Sara) I wish I could meet them all! They all seem so different from each other and all have their special talent. I’m going to work with Ramón Esono Ebalé and Takahiro Yamaguchi. Actually I can hardly wait to get to know them! I think we’re going to be a great team!

(lab binaer) Are you afraid of all the »White Papers« that are waiting for you?
(Sara) As a writer you always have great respect (and a little bit of fear) for the white paper. A white paper is there to be filled with words…. But not just any words, every letter should build a word, every word a sentence that says something, says something awesome. A white paper is the most exciting thing yet it is a great challenge to fill the paper with a text that speaks to others.

(lab binaer) Did you ever hear about Augsburg before?
(Sara) I haven’t heard about Augsburg before, but now I’ve been told it’s a town with a great history. I love exploring new cities so I’m looking forward to get there. I’m going to explore Augsburg’s every street, alley and corner, lift and have a look under every stone. The Ramón-Takahiro-Sara team will turn the city upside down. In a friendly way that is.

(lab binaer) Is there any German blog you are following?
(Sara) I don’t speak German (but I’m studying a bit for this trip so I’ll get myself understood: “Möchten Sie eine kleine Weltmeisterschaft mit mir heute Abend?“ and “Ich bedauere, dass Deutschland von Schweden geschlagen wurde, vielleicht kaufe ich Dir ein Bier zum Trost?”) so no I don’t follow any German blogs. I would love to get some info about German blogs in English though.

(lab binaer) Do you think about bringing something typical for your country to Augsburg (except yourself)?
(Sara) I’m going to break the old rumors about Swedes being shy and boring. We’re a friendly, open and outspoken people, just like I’ve experienced that Germans are.

See you soon all Augsburgers! Love from Sara Starkström – bringing the highest voltage ever!